We Had a Blast!!

All good things come to an end! The project has achieved its targets and has now closed. Many thanks to all who supported us along the way.

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A quick snapshot of  the project

The Simwings Project is officially formed, launching its first website in order to raise funds, with a view to supply up to date PC equipment to such people. An international team of dedicated volunteers is gathered.

Project Formed
November 2019
Open for Applications
January 2020

After creating a rigorous application and selection process, the Simwings Project officially opens for its first applications.

Second Successful Candidate
October 2020

The 2nd Simwings PC recipient is once again from the Caribbean, this time The Cayman Islands. This fine young man is known in the community as ‘AvGeek07’.

Fourth Successful Candidate
July 2021

The 4th and final Simwings recipient resides in Slovakia and we know him as ‘Capt Monster’.


The idea for the Simwings Project is conceived, when its founding members notice a surprising number of people in flight sim YouTube channels unable to take part in flight simming themselves. Further investigation showed that many of whom could not afford to purchase the equipment necessary to run a modern flight simulation program.

Project Conceived
September 2019

Our mission is to encourage and enable aspiring flight simmers, both young & old, to participate fully in flight simulation and within our community, even when constrained by their current financial situation, and so make it possible for the less privileged in our community to take to the virtual skies in their own simulator.

Mission Statement
First Successful Candidate
April 2020

The Simwings Project names the very first successful candidate - a young man in Jamaica known to many as ‘Capt K.Peterkin’.

Third Successful Candidate
March 2021

The 3rd Simwings PC was shipped to ‘LybianPilot01’ in Canada.

September 2021
Simwings Support Project Closes

A final word from the founder of the Simwings Project:


The one question I’ve been asked repeatedly is “why are you closing?”


In brief, there are two reasons…


The first is for my own personal reasons: Shortly after launching the Project I was diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition, severely limiting my time and energy to continue with the Project.


The second could be summarised in just one word… Bureaucracy!  As the Project grew, it became apparent that we needed to be an official ‘non-profit’ organisation or ‘registered charity’. After a great deal of investigation, it was clear that both USA and UK governments make this not only a complex and time consuming process, but also a costly one.  As a result, and after many long discussions, the team felt that along with your help, we had achieved great things, and made the tough decision to close the project.


I would like to personally thank the entire community for your incredibly generous support over the last two years. Without YOU the Simwings Project could not have existed at all!


I also wish to thank everyone involved with this Project, both past and present and in whatever way, however big – however small. Without YOUR help, we would never have achieved what we did. You fine people know who you are😊 Please accept my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your hard work and dedication.


Love & respect to everyone.


Fly high fellow flight simmers!


Dougal McTavish