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Welcome to Simwings. We are a non-profit organization helping out our fellow flight simmers in need. We host group flights, events, all to raise money and get another one of us in the virtual skies.

Our Mission

At Simwings, our mission is to encourage and enable aspiring flight simmers, both young & old, to participate fully in flight simulation and within our community, even when constrained by their current financial situation, and so make it possible for the less privileged in our community to take to the virtual skies in their own simulator.

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Sponsors & Supporters

We have another successful applicant!
Raldayne Thomas

Our first successful applicant!
Kevaugn Peterkin

Congratulations to LibyanPilot01 our Third successful candidate!


Congratulations to Captain Monster our latest successful candidate!


‘Avgeek07’ AKA Raldayne Thomas is someone I have the upmost respect for in the flight sim community. We met through the XP72 Youtube channel. Mr Thomas is very knowledgeable about flight simulation and is also a great virtual Air Traffic Controller for Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. He is a respectful young man and also a moderator on my Youtube channel. I would like to congratulate him on winning the second computer from simwings. He will also will have the community’s full support in everything he wants to do. Keep up the great work brother.