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About Us

The more active members in our community, especially content creators & their many viewers, will no doubt, already be aware of the small but dedicated number of committed people subscribing to those channels, who can only watch from the side lines, being unable to take part themselves in flight simulation. This is often because they can neither afford a PC or laptop capable of running a flight simulator, or they’re simply not old enough to buy their own. There maybe numerous other reasons.  Well hey folks, these people are the future life blood of our community.

Our aim here at the project, hopefully with your help, is to make it possible for a few more ‘would be flight simmers’, or even some future pilots, to take to the virtual skies in their own simulator, and so take an active part in the very live streams where we often see them. Or better yet…. they may go on to create their own online content, where they entertain us. And so the circle continues.

We all know it’s expensive to build or buy a computer capable of running a flight simulator.  And how many of us have not experienced that feeling of frustration and despair when our own, possibly inadequate system grinds to a halt, or worse yet, presents us with the dreaded ‘crash to desktop’?

Here at the project, we believe that if enough people are willing to contribute just a small amount, we could surely make at least one aspiring flight simmer very happy, while also building upon our own community.

Some of us have spent many years in and around the flightsim world, seeing and hearing the despondency and frustration of some of those people. So we decided we’d like to at least TRY to do something about this – to make a difference, however small.

Many of us are fortunate to be in a financial position that allows for the purchase of hardware and software pretty much as we please. Many also pay to ‘join’ flightsim channels, or donate to content creators whenever we wish. This is great of course, and we encourage you to continue with this. It helps build and sustain our community.  Those of us here at the project believe we’re privileged, even blessed to be fortunate enough to find ourselves in this position. THAT my friends is what inspired the thinking behind this project.

With that in mind, MAYBE some of us can also contribute a small amount into this project; a fund to help aspiring and budding flight simmers, young or old, wherever they may be, to obtain a capable system and a flight simulator they may otherwise not be able to afford.

It’s our view, that with YOUR help, we CAN make that happen.



To encourage and enable aspiring flight simmers, both young & old, to participate fully in flight simulation and within our community, even when constrained by their current financial situation, and so make it possible for the less privileged in our community to take to the virtual skies in their own simulator.

Here at Simwings we invite YOU to  join us and help make this possible.

Support the Community

We are always looking for ideas, ways to grow our community and offer more support to people less privileged. Please support the project and in turn the flight sim community.

Online Shopping

To our Fellow Flightsim Enthusiasts…

Whether or not you plan to donate or apply to the scheme, we would be extremely grateful if you could take the time to read through the website, and so be armed with correct up-to-date information for sharing with others.

We also very much want YOUR feedback; YOUR thoughts, YOUR suggestions and ideas. We want this to be a COMMUNITY project with the community at its heart!

All profits go straight into the Simwings fund for the next successful candidate.

Thank you on behalf of the Simwings team

Our Third successful applicant!
Zakaria Hammounda

The Simwings Team is delighted to announce we have chosen the THIRD recipient of the Project. Zakaria Hammouda, known within the flightsim community as ‘LibyanPilot01’ is a youth YouTube content creator within our community. He has a passion for aviation through flight sim and is hopeful to have a career in aviation when the time comes. His aspirations to become a pilot for his home country, along with his love for flight sim leads us to believe he is a deserving applicant to be our next recipient. He has been struggling very hard to run a simulator on his current elderly PC and owns up to it being a very frustrating experience. We expect many can identify with this. We hope this PC creates a whole new experience for Zakaria and only strengthens his love for aviation. Be on the lookout for great things from this young man in the flight sim community as well as real world.
Looking forward to seeing you in the virtual skies, Captain.


We have another successful applicant! Congratulations
Raldayne Thomas

Allow me to introduce Raldayne Thomas and his father. Better known as ‘AvGeek07’ within the flightsim community, Raldayne was the second successful applicant to The Simwings Project. Like our first recipient, AvGeek is another young man from the Caribbean area - The Cayman Islands this time.Although just 13 years old at the time of his application (supported by his father), AvGeek is an extremely knowledgeable young man, with both real world aviation and all things flightsim related. He is dedicated and very motivated within our community. Here at Simwings we both applaud and congratulate him!


Our first successful applicant!Congraulations

Kevaugn Peterkin

Allow me to introduce Kevaugn Peterkin and his mother… Known within the flightsim community as ‘Capt K.Peterkin’, he lives on the beautiful island of Jamaica and, although only 16 years old, he has been a very active and highly regarded member of our community for a considerable time. His main interest within flight simulation is X-Plane and its associated online community. Capt K was, up until now, unable to take to the virtual skies himself due to the lack of a PC, and the family being without adequate means to provide one.

Capt K is extremely knowledgeable about aviation – both real world and simulated. He is enormously helpful to others in various flightsim chat rooms; always polite, and can almost always be found among the chat rooms of many and varied X-Plane Youtube channels. So much so, that many content creators have enlisted his help as a moderator, both in their live chat rooms and also their Discord Servers, where he shows great maturity and always leads by example.

Capt K’s PC was purchased in the USA and shipped to Jamaica on 12th September 2020.