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Take your time to have a look at the Q&A section. If you feel you match the criteria and would like to apply, don't hesitate! You have nothing to loose.


To encourage and enable aspiring flight simmers, both young & old, to participate fully in flight simulation and within our community, even when constrained by their current financial situation, and so make it possible for the less privileged in our community to take to the virtual skies in their own simulator.

Here at Simwings we invite YOU to  join us and help make this possible.


Support THE community

We are always looking for ideas, ways to grow our community and offer more support to people less privileged. Please support the project and in turn the flight sim community. 

Simwings Community Support Project press release:

 We are delighted to announce the dispatch of our 2nd entire flightsim PC.

Two aspiring young flightsim enthusiasts will now be reaching for our virtual skies!

As we write this, TWO complete flightsim PCs are ‘Sim-winging’ their way across the Caribbean; one to Capt K.Peterkin in Jamaica, the other to AvGeek07 in Grand Cayman!

We did experience some unfortunate delays with the 1st system, although to be honest, the combination of a new born baby, COVID19 and Jamaica closing its borders really didn’t help.


The Simwings Project sincerely thanks each and every member of our flightsim community. Not just for all your generous donations that made this happen, but also for the caring community that makes this possible. You guys and girls are the backbone of our community. YOU are the true rock stars and deserve the full credit!


Stay tuned for pictures, videos and interviews with our two recipients… Simwings Support says

“Onwards and Upwards to the next one!”

To our Fellow Flightsim Enthusiasts…

Whether or not you plan to donate or apply to the scheme, we would be extremely grateful if you could take the time to read through the website, and so be armed with correct up-to-date information for sharing with others.

We also very much want YOUR feedback; YOUR thoughts, YOUR suggestions and ideas. We want this to be a COMMUNITY project with the community at its heart!

All profits go straight into the Simwings fund for the next successful candidate.

Thank you on behalf of the Simwings team


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