Application Requirements & Clarification For Applicants

How To Apply To The Simwings Community Support Project…

IMPORTANT: Please read ALL the notes below before submitting an application.


The Simwings Project provides premium new computer equipment free of charge to people that are not in a financial position to do so themselves.


This is not done as a giveaway or competition but involves a rigorous selection process as outlined below, with applicants chosen based on three main criteria;

  • Current PC specifications

  • Financial & personal situation

  • Community involvement

Simwings likes to see applicants heavily involved with the community and in a positive way.

In order to help ensure those most in need of our support can access our services, all applications go through a lengthy selection process taking up to six weeks. This includes many questions, some of which are personal and financial in nature.  Applicants unprepared to answer such questions are unlikely to reach the later stages of the process.

Please do not contact any Simwings team members privately regarding your application.

Team Members are not permitted to communicate privately with any Simwings applicants regarding their applications to The Project. If you have any questions or queries relating to your application, please use the official Simwings email address on your form or via the website.

The application process consists of several stages. This is a brief summary:

  1. After receiving your initial application (stage one) we will acknowledge receipt by email. If you are under 18 expect an additional step here for Simwings to contact your parents or legal guardian in order to obtain consent before the application can progress. Stage one consists mostly of personal contact information, some information about yourself and data regarding your current computer and other equipment.

  2. Successful stage one applicants will be sent further questions relating specifically to their personal and financial home situation, plus further questions about themselves.

  3. Successful stage two applicants will be asked to provide contact details for two referees who we will contact to obtain character references.

  4. Successful stage three applicants (or their parent/guardian) will then need to speak directly with a Simwings Team member to discuss all aspects of the application. This will be a voice and/or video call.


Applicants will usually be notified within 14 days as to whether or not they have been successful at each stage of the application process.

Pre-requirements & clarification: Please ensure you are willing and able to meet these requirements before submitting an application.


  • You will be required to have at least three months of active involvement within the English speaking flightsim community. This means you must have been actively taking part in discussion and chat within the community in various English speaking flightsim forums, Youtube or Twitch chat channels and Discord Servers etc.


  • You will be required to answer various questions on the forms or emails provided. This will include questions relating to your current computer and equipment, questions about yourself and also your current financial situation.

  • If over 18 you will be required to supply proof of age. This will need to be a copy of official photo ID and must show your age and full name.


  • If under 18 you will need to supply the requested parent or guardian contact information to grant permission for the application, and to discuss all the above with a Simwings Support team member.


  • If successful at the initial stages of your application, you will be asked to provide two character references from known members of the English speaking flightsim community. They must be at least 18 years of age and be known and established within the English speaking flightsim community. They may be Content Creators or just other flightsim enthusiasts you know from flightsim Youtube, Twitch, Discord or other flightsim forums, providing we can verify them.  You will need to supply contact details for your referees but please contact them for permission BEFORE supplying their details to the Simwings Support Project.


  • If successful at this later stage, you (or your parent/guardian) will then be asked to speak with one or more Simwings Project team members.  This will be to discuss your application, including your personal and financial details mentioned above.

Miscellaneous Application Information:


  • Any information supplied to the Simwings Project is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and will NOT be shared outside the project at any time. Once an application is complete, Simwings will destroy any ‘sensitive data’ relating to that application, retaining only what is absolutely necessary for our own records.


  • For reasons we hope are obvious, not all applicants can be successful.  Sadly, there are very limited resources available so we are only able to fund limited applications.


  • Any decision made by the team is final. The project does not operate an appeal system. If you are unsuccessful with your application we encourage you to reapply, but not sooner than 90 days after the initial date of your last application.


  • Please be aware that any decisions made regarding your application, are not made by any one individual, but rather a committee made up from project team members across the globe. This avoids the possibility of making any ‘subjective’ decisions when the applicant may be known to us personally.


  • Simwings can only operate within the English speaking sections of the flightsim community.  This does NOT exclude applications from non English speaking countries but applications must be supplied in English. Your referees can be located anywhere in the world but must also be active and known within the English speaking flightsim community.

Country Exclusions:

There is a constantly changing list of Countries that Simwings are unable to supply or ship equipment to. The reasons for this are varied and include the following:

  • Current world Covid situation

  • Political unrest

  • Untenable Import duty and Customs fees

  • Import & Export issues caused by the current Brexit status

Due to the changing daily situation in many Countries we are unable to state exactly which Countries are viable to ship to. This is likely to change on a weekly or even daily basis and applicants will be informed if this affects their application.

Code Of Conduct For Applicants:

All Applicants must agree to the Simwings Code Of Conduct before making an application.

Only then will access be granted to the first stage of the application process.

As our name implies, we are funded almost exclusively by direct contributions from the kind members of the flightsim community, and by a small number of generous software developers.  We MUST therefore, take great care to ensure these limited resources go to the people we believe are most in need of them.


By submitting an application to The Simwings Project, you agree to adhere to the very simple code of conduct outlined below.

  • Any person we believe to be deliberately abusing this code of conduct or the ethos of the project, and so the generosity of our donators, sponsors and supporters, will have any current application terminated immediately, without notice and incur a permanent exclusion on any further applications.  Any applications received without the required attached documents or otherwise incomplete may be refused.


  • I agree to supply the information requested by Simwings honestly and to the best of my ability.


  • I have read and accept this Simwings Code Of Conduct and agree to abide by it.


  • By submitting an application, you also agree to the information you supply being stored by Simwings for the duration of your application, and for use with any software EULAs or warrantees for any hardware that may be supplied.


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