Application Requirements &Information

BEFORE starting this application we STRONGLY suggest you ‘clear the cache’ of your web browser. This will avoid your browser preinserting incorrect data into any fields. This has caused issues for previous applicants.


Pre-requirements for application:


  • Minimum of 3 months active involvement within the flightsim community. This means you must have been actively taking part in discussion and chat with the community in flightsim forums, Youtube or Twitch chat channels and Discord Servers etc.


  • Provide two character references from known members of the flightsim community. They must be at least 18 years of age and be well known and established within the general flightsim community. They may be Content Creators or just people you know from flightsim Youtube, Twitch, Discord or other flightsim forums.  They cannot be members of the Simwings Project Team (ask if unsure). You will need to supply us their contact details such as email and/or full Discord username. You MUST contact your referees for permission BEFORE supplying their contact details to the Simwings Project.


  • Answer all questions on the form linked below, and also be willing to answer further questions on request about yourself and your current financial situation.


  • Speak with a Simwings Project team member at a later point in the application process.  This will be to discuss your application including your personal and financial details.


  • If under 18, you will have to supply parent or guardian contact information to discuss all the above with Simwings.


Already having a PC or Laptop will not necessarily exempt you from applying.

Please be sure you meet ALL the application requirements above BEFORE proceeding with the form.


After receiving your initial application we will acknowledge receipt by email.  Simwings will then contact you and/or your parents or guardian for further information at a later date. This information will need to include the names & email addresses of your ‘community referees‘, who WE will contact for your references. You will also be asked to answer further questions as to why you qualify for the scheme.


By submitting this application, you agree to the information herein being stored by Simwings for the duration of your application, and for use in any software EULAs or warrantees for any hardware that may be supplied.


Applications Latest Update

Applications are currently closed.

For Nov/Dec applicants that were sent forms for stage 2, you must return your applications along with any requested documentation no later than Tuesday 19th January 2021

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