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This is where we run projects devised by YOU! – members of the Simwings Support Community, to help raise funds for the project.

Do YOU have an idea that might help the Simwings Project raise funds?  However ‘outlandish‘ it may be, providing it’s legal we’ll have a look at it.  If so, please email us at:

Current project…

The auction of several Ultra High Resolution Aviation Images. The resolution of these images is approx 3500 x 5300 and will produce UHR prints of up to 70 x 100cm. They can even be used to produce full sized posters.

If required, you can even ask for personalised items to be printed with the images, but obviously this incurs additional costs and shipping.

These images were very kindly gifted to Simwings by Gintaras Staucejr from the Simwings community.

Gintaras is a professional photographer, and is very kindly donating a number of ultra high resolution aviation images for us to raise funds with. It’s becoming apparent the best way to do this is by auction, but for various reasons we cannot do this on sites such as eBay, so we are auctioning them here.

Bids are expected to start around $10 to $15 USD per image.

Here we will show low resolution versions of the images to be auctioned…

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