Used Flight Controllers

Offered & Required


A number of people have asked Simwings if they can donate their unused hardware controllers such as yokes and joysticks etc they no longer need. After much thought and many ideas, it was finally agreed the simplest way is for Simwings keep an up-to-date list of such offers, along with anyone needing such items.

With this in mind, we have created an international database for keeping track of all flightsim hardware that users are offering, their location and also those in need of such items. Our job at Simwings will simply be to act as a conduit, hooking those people up together.

If you have any unused hardware that another simmer could make good use of, then please, instead of letting it gather dust in the cupboard, drop us an email using the address below or ding us in Discord, so we can add the details to our database and maybe connect you with a simmer in need near you.

If help is required with shipping cocts, then Simwings can help there too.

If YOU are in SERIOUS need of a hardware controller, and are not in a financial position to purchase what you need, please drop an email to the address below to find out if there’s anything on offer near you. You can also register your need, and should an item become available near you, we will contact you.

This is just another example of our fine community doing what it does best…

– ‘Flight Simmers Helping Flight Simmers – All Around The Globe‘ –


Hardware already supplied to flight simmers in need, by fellow simmers via The Simwings Project…

– Logitech 3DPro Flight stick (pre used).
– 26″ Monitor (brand new and unused).
– Gaming Keyboard & Mouse (brand new and unused).
– Logitech Headset (brand new and unused).
– Saitek/Logitech Yoke & Throttle Quadrant.

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