A Message from Dougal McTavish

A Message From Dougal McTavish (founder of the Simwings Project) After a great deal of soul searching, it is with much sadness and regret that I must announce my stepping down as founder and active member of the Simwings Project. This is purely for personal and medical reasons. Most already know and it is no secret that I have had to commence a second round of aggressive treatment for cancer. This simply does not leave me well enough to continue the work with Simwings. Nor would it be responsible to attempt to continue. There is a truly great and competent team behind The Simwings Project and I look forward to watching their future progress. I will also take this opportunity to express my deep and sincere thanks to everyone for supporting the project and helping me and the team to bring what was a dream, to full fruition. Please continue to show your amazing support for the Project.

The whole team support Dougal in his decision and wish him a swift recovery.

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