• Andrew Harding

Message from Captain Monster our latest applicant!!!

Hello everyone! Its me, Captain Monster A.K.A. Adrián. I am the one who won and I am veeeeeeeeeeery happy!!! Again, thank you SimWings team sooo much, youve made my day today and finally, I can fly with a normal pc with normal frame rates. Absolutely love it! The pc I got is a Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED XD with Intel Core i7-11800H Tiger Lake 2,3-4,6 GHz which is a beast! Next is the nVidia Geforce RTX 3070 8GB graphics card, 1TB SSD and 32GB RAM DDR4! This laptop has a beautiful 4K 60Hz display so I can enjoy flying even more. Again, thanks to all moderadors, admins and founders of SimWings. You guys made my day! Well, not only a day Even more! Thank you!

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