• William Charlton

Our next successful applicant!

Simwings are delighted to announce a FOURTH recipient of the Project! Our fourth successful candidate is a young man called Adrián from Slovakia, known as ‘Captain Monster’ in the community. This is yet another young man we have been able to launch into our virtual skies! This could ONLY have been achieved with YOUR amazing generosity! Without your donations and your support, the Simwings Project could never have realised this young man’s dreams, and for that we thank each and every one of you in this amazing community! Captain Monster has been active in various aspects of flight simulation and within our community for almost 6 years. He is a very active member of the community, offering continued support for others in chat during livestreams, and has even applied his knowledge to become a VATSIM controller. We eagerly look forward to seeing our Captain take to the virtual skies from his new computer, both from the flight deck, and also from his control tower as a VATSIM controller.

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