Project Q&A…

What hardware will be offered?

  • Certainly not a cutting edge top of the range PC or laptop. We do however, envisage at least a mid-range machine, with specs capable of running a current generation flight simulator with ‘reasonable’ settings applied. (Specs TBA)

  • This will also include any hardware offered by sponsoring suppliers.


What software will be offered?

  • A licenced Windows Operating System (Windows 10 or later due to FS2020 requirements)

  • A licenced flight simulator (applicants being given the choice of Xplane or FS2020)

  • Plus any FS software addons that sponsor developers are willing to contribute


How Do I Qualify?

  • Minimum of 3 months active involvement within the flightsim community.

  • Referral or recommendation from at least two ‘known & established’ community members.

  • Supply details of current PC/Laptop Specifications (if any).

  • Minors must have parental/guardian consent

See ‘Apply’ page for more details

Will already having a PC, laptop or simulator exempt me from applying?

Absolutely not!  Although applicants without any means of currently running a flight simulator, maybe more likely to be successful.

How likely is my application to succeed?

Sadly, not all applications will be successful.  There are simply not enough resources to make this happen. We would love nothing more than to be in the happy position of accepting any and all applications, but this is just not possible due to extremely limited resources.

How often may I apply?

If you are unsuccessful with your first application, we will endeavour to explain why. You are free to make further applications, but no sooner than 90 days after the date of your last application.

Will ONLY Full Systems Be Offered?

No. Where funds allow, we hope to offer upgrade options to improve sub par systems and also supply software only where applicable.

How do I donate?

There are several ways you can donate to this project. There are donation links here on every page. Also a number of supportive online content creators are very kindly providing donation links from their channels. You can even setup a small recurring monthly payment if you wish.  (Through Donation link…)

How much should I donate?

Whatever you wish. However large – however small, EVERY single donation will help make a difference. Remember that financial institutions also take a cut of each and every donation:-(

Can I donate my surplus Hardware?

Yes, see here:

Can I donate Software I’ve purchased but no longer use?

In order to keep the project within the law, we cannot accept any Pre-purchased software as it would violate EULAs. So it is with regret, we must answer no to this question:-(



Do we have a fixed amount as a goal?

Not necessarily and for several reasons… Besides direct financial contributions from you great people, we are also hoping to obtain sponsorship from hardware and software companies. This would make any goal ‘fluid’ in its nature.

Nor do we plan to ‘close the doors’ when enough is donated for one or a set number of applicants. We want to keep this project rolling and growing, so donations will continue to be accepted.


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