We have another successful applicant!


Raldayne Thomas

Allow me to introduce Raldayne Thomas and his father. Better known as ‘AvGeek07’ within the flightsim community, Raldayne was the second successful applicant to The Simwings Project. Like our first recipient, AvGeek is another young man from the Caribbean area - The Cayman Islands this time.

Although just 13 years old at the time of his application (supported by his father), AvGeek is an extremely knowledgeable young man, with both real world aviation and all things flightsim related. He is dedicated and very motivated within our community. Here at Simwings we both applaud and congratulate him!



‘Avgeek07’ AKA Raldayne Thomas is someone I have the upmost respect for in the flight sim community. We met through the XP72 Youtube channel. Mr Thomas is very knowledgeable about flight simulation and is also a great virtual Air Traffic Controller for Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. He is a respectful young man and also a moderator on my Youtube channel. I would like to congratulate him on winning the second computer from simwings. He will also will have the community’s full support in everything he wants to do. Keep up the great work brother.


Knowledgeable beyond his years, AvGeek07 has already made a significant imprint on the sim community. As an aspiring aviator he has already become a good Vatsim controller. He also has a YouTube channel called “YouTube’s best” where he showcases all the follies and funny moments that go on in flight simming community. This young man has a very bright future ahead of him in the aviation industry. We look forward to seeing him grow in Aviation. For him the sky is the limit.

XP72 / youtube X-Plane Streamer


Target Value $2500

Funding fully achieved - Application approved - Actual Target Date 30th Sept

A very happy young man!!

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made this PC possible. Ranging from the donors to the Simwings Support Team.

Let's start with Mr. @Dougal McTavish and @AvioMan , without these two people where would this setup be?

Thanks so much. To the team at Simwings @Admin , thanks for all the parts you played in making this a possibility. Mr. @Bombaso , thank you for installing all the necessary programs, and for almost causing a scene along with myself and my father at UPS lol. I am extremely grateful for all you guys have done!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


The Interview

Our first successful applicant!


Kevaugn Peterkin

Allow me to introduce Kevaugn Peterkin and his mother… Known within the flightsim community as ‘Capt K.Peterkin’, he lives on the beautiful island of Jamaica and, although only 16 years old, he has been a very active and highly regarded member of our community for a considerable time. His main interest within flight simulation is X-Plane and its associated online community. Capt K was, up until now, unable to take to the virtual skies himself due to the lack of a PC, and the family being without adequate means to provide one.

Capt K is extremely knowledgeable about aviation – both real world and simulated. He is enormously helpful to others in various flightsim chat rooms; always polite, and can almost always be found among the chat rooms of many and varied X-Plane Youtube channels. So much so, that many content creators have enlisted his help as a moderator, both in their live chat rooms and also their Discord Servers, where he shows great maturity and always leads by example.

Capt K’s PC was purchased in the USA and shipped to Jamaica on 12th September 2020.


Further updates, images and video when the system arrives in Jamaica…


Captain.K Peterkin has been a very enthusiastic supporter and participant in the Aviation Simulations community. He’s been so out front in his appearance and participation in many online Flight Simmers  streams that he has earned a spot as a moderator on not only my stream and Discord channel but also many others. He was highly recommended to become a mod for me from other moderators of my streams and that says a lot about his personality and dedication to this hobby. All this was done at the age of 16 years old. That’s impressive. He is more than deserving of the first Simwings award and will do well in the real world aviation community if he so choose. Congratulations!

XP72 / youtube X-Plane Streamer


Target Value $2000

Funding achieved between 8th March - 1st June: Full PC & Flight Simulator


Update on Simwings PC for Capt K.Peterkin:

Although this has taken far longer than anyone anticipated (due mostly to COVID-19 and associated logistical problems)

It has arrived!!!

Simwings support are delighted to let you know, Capt K.Peterkin has received his dream computer.  BIG thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. 

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