Open Letter To Potential Sponsors And Supporters…

Dear friends

The SimWings Community Support Project was established primarily to help enable aspiring flight sim enthusiasts who, for whatever reason, are unable to afford the required systems to run a current generation flight simulator.  We would very much appreciate your taking the time to peruse our Web Site which, while still a work in progress, will give you further insight into our Project, its aims and proposals, some of which are set out below.

We already have a number of high-profile content creators, live streamers and real-world pilots on the team, with more who prefer to support and promote the project from behind the scenes.

Community interest in this project has already surpassed our initial expectations.

Although the main focus of the project is on financial contributions from within the flightsim community itself (which we fully expect to be at the heart of the project), we are also seeking possible support from outside sources, such as hardware and software suppliers, and creators and vendors of quality FS addons such as yourselves.

If there is any possibility of sponsorship from your company, we would not only be thrilled, but also extremely grateful!  We believe this to be not just a worthy cause, but one which also seeks to expand and bring our community together.

Although we may already link to your products on our website, the Project is obviously happy to promote and advertise products and services from any sponsoring companies, using much higher profile methods.

Whatever you decide, may we also take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding contribution to the flightsim community.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this document.

Respectfully yours

The Simwings Support Team.

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