About Us…

The core team here at the Project consists of flightsim users (from all major PC based sims), real world pilots (both private and commercial), and flightsim software developers. Team members are sited all over the world.

Between us we have many, many years of combined flightsim experience, real world flight experience and software development.We came together after believing it was time to help enable those people who, for whatever reason, find themselves unable to finance their own path into the flightsim world. We are simply your fellow flightsim enthusiasts, wishing to help future flightsimmers get into the virtual skies.

There is zero financial gain for any of us. Quite the opposite. Some members have put considerable amounts of their own money into this project. Why? Simply because it’s something we feel passionately about. We also believe this community has a big heart at its core, and we would seriously like to realise some of that potential.

If you feel the same and are committed to help do something about it, and you’re interested in joining the project team, please email us or contact us on our Discord Server.

Email Address: info@simwingssupport.org

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